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As a member of a strong and developing business ecosystem, SUNLIGHT relies on its modern infrastructure, continuous innovation and its passion for excellence, to develop and supply reliable battery solutions. Our manufacturing plant, located in Xanthi, Northern Greece, is a core element of our dynamic growth. We have systematically invested in the development of one of the most modern industrial units, in accordance with the strictest international standards. It covers 200.000m2, with indoors areas of more than 60.000m2.

The company has consistently invested in developing one of the one of the most advanced industrial plants in the world, running highly specialized production and assembly lines. The plant is fully compliant with the strictest international standards and is certified for quality Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental management systems

Lioness Intelligent Energy Storage Systems

Sunlight Li.ON ENERGY series provide fully industrial, smart and cost effective solutions for the utmost importance mat-ter of energy storage in a world that is running out of energy. Renewable energy storage systems are offered both for large scale on grid and stand-alone off-grid systems. Perfect product fit for telecommunication base stations remote premises and applications requiring uninterrupted power supply (UPS)

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    • System continuous monitoring up to Cell Level System continuous monitoring up to Cell Level
    • Temperature Control
    • Short circuit protection
    • High current fuse per string
    • Electrical Isolation

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    • Wi-Fi connectivity for external communication Wi-Fi connectivity for external communication
    • Remote monitoring using CLOUD technology
    • Bi-directional communication-Change of Rack parameters remotely

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    1. Active balancing during Charging & Discharging
      No energy losses
    2. Each cell’s full capacity used
    3. Modular design to ease serviceability.
    4. Increased installation runtime


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